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March 14, 2002

Dear SFVHC brothers and sisters,

We’d like to ask your prayers for Virginia Young (Monica Nishida’s mom),
who was admitted to Granada Hills Community Hospital late last night
after an MRI test showed some potential significant neurological
problems. Virginia is resting comfortably; she has undergone some
further testing and, as of this afternoon, she and the family are still
awaiting information from the neurologist on a diagnosis of what may be
wrong. Please pray for Virginia, Monica, and the whole family.

We’d also like to ask your prayers for Atsuko Yamada. Atsuko, a longtime
member of our church, has recently been hospitalized, and is now
awaiting further hospitalization for treatment of a brain tumor or mass
that has caused her seizures and other serious complications over the
last few weeks. Would you especially pray that Atsuko would be able get
the medical care and treatment she so needs, as quickly and smoothly as
possible? Atsuko’s son Joseph, her grandson little Joe, and her family
are standing by her in this very tough time of trial and they deeply
appreciate the love and intercession of her church family.

Would you please also continue to uphold Mary Shinoda, who is undergoing
chemotherapy treatments for recurring lymphoma; Dr Tom Yoshikawa’s dad
and mom and brother who are all facing serious medical problems; NJ
Nakamura, still recovering in the hospital from several abdominal
surgeries and consequent complications arising from those surgeries over
the last three weeks; Rosemary Sato, recovering at home from surgery to
remove one of her kidneys; Jim Kimura, continuing to struggle with both
internal problems and needed repairs for the hip surgery he went through
several months ago; David Takeshita, now recovering at home from the
heart attack he suffered about three weeks ago (Dave is making a
remarkable recovery, but still faces a significant recuperation period);
Winnie Tapper continuing to recover at home from injuries to her leg,
and other dialysis shunt related problems; and others within the sphere
of our thoughts and concern who are struggling with health and medical

Your prayers and support are so appreciated, and so fruitful in the
grace and power of God.

Thank you!
Rob Yonemoto