9610 Haddon Avenue – Pacoima, California 91333
818 896-1676 (English) – 818 899-4115 (Japanese) – 818 896-1575 (Fax)

Rev. Rob Yonemoto, Jr.

Senior Pastor at SFVHC.

Pastor Tetsuo Kagiwada

Nichigo Pastor at SFVHC

Pastor Roland Hazama

My paternal Issei (first generation Japanese) grandparents were founding members of the SFVHC. With the exception of my college days and a few of the ensuing years, this has been my church my entire life. It has been exciting to see all that God has done in and through its ministry. It is a privilege to now serve these people as a pastor. My wife (Pattie) and daughters (Kerri, Kristi) are grateful to be a part of this, our church.

Board of Deacons
Chair Dave Yamasaki
JoAnn Mori
Erin Fujitani

Board of Trustees
Chair Bob Yamashita
Nancy Howe
Dale Gin
Dave Lee
Meg Morita
Taeko Yakura
Treasurer Stacey Lim