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2003 Lamplighters’ Schedule

Feb. 21 (friday): “Got Questions?” Week 1, the Question Session

Feb. 28 (friday): “Got Questions?” Week 2, “Does God Really Exist?”
Speaker: Josh Kira
We will explore the evidence for the existence of God plus tackle the evolution argument.

March 14 (friday): “Got Questions?” Week 3, “Isn’t It Narrow-Minded to Say Jesus Is the Only Way?”
Speaker: Rob Yonemoto
We will examine biblical claims of Jesus as Lord and whether they hold water.

March 21(friday): “Got Questions?” Week 4, “What About Other Religions?”
Speaker: Josh Kira
We will take a look at the claims of other religions.

March 28 (friday): “Got Questions?” Week 5, “How Do We Know the Bible Is a Reliable Source?”
Speaker: Tommy Dyo
We will examine how the Bible was compiled and passed down through the ages, and whether it deserves to be considered the Word of God.

April 4 (friday): Babysitting fundraiser, 6pm to 11pm at church

April 4-5: Joint Youth Staff Retreat

April 11 (friday): “Got Questions?” Week 6, “I Still Have Doubts So How Can I Be a Christian?”
Speaker: Sheldon Eng
We will examine the role of doubt and faith in a Christian’s Life. At the end of the meeting, students may write down any remaining questions they have. These will be answered at the next meeting.

April 18: GOOD FRIDAY, Lamplighters encouraged to attend the Good Friday Service

April 25 (friday): “Got Questions?” Week 7, the Question and Answer Session
An expert panel will answer the questions from the previous meeting as well as taking verbal questions.

April 26 (saturday): Babysitting fundraiser, 6pm to 11pm at church

July 12 (saturday): Senior pool party/bbq

Aug. 15-17: Godswilla 6

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